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  • Serie A - Inter Vs Juventus

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  • LaLiga - Atl. Madrid Vs Real Sociedad

    24 Oct 2021 07:00 PMView Odds

  • Twenty20 World Cup - Match 16: India Vs Pakistan

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Google Pay for Cricket Betting Websites in India - 2020

Google Pay for Cricket Betting Websites in India - 2020 

Google Pay has been a major player in online payment community and millions of people use Google pay for easy day to day transactions.

It is one of the most secure payment methods with ease of technology. Even though Google pay is a recent addition in the Online Cricket Beting Market, this online payment attracts lot of attention.

Why use Google pay for online betting?

There are several reasons why Google Pay appeals to many Indian bettors. Some of the main reasons are that this

  • Banking method is convenient
  • Technologically advanced
  • Easy to use.

To add it is reliable and safe, which is one of the key aspects why it attracts Indian bettors to use G Pay for Cricket betting and other sports as well.

It gives you the freedom to place your bets from anywhere and hence regarded as most convenient method of payment for bettors in India.

How to use Google Pay for Online Betting?

Google pay is available at selected Best betting sites in India, the punters can fund their betting accounts with G pay via mobile app or even through web-based platform.

The process will be very smooth and would not be time consuming data verification which is sometimes irritating.

Google Pay does not charge any fees for the transaction and the bettor can make instant deposit free of charge.



There are certain limits as well. When it comes to minimum and maximum amount which can be deposited, minimum limit will be of 10$ and maximum stands at 10,000$ per week. However these limits also depend on the betting website as well.


Benefits of using Google pay for online betting

The striking benefit of using Google pay for online betting is that is does not charge you any extra fees or amount for your betting.

There is no third party involved in the transaction and the transaction remains extremely safe and the details are only shared with G pay.

It gives you ease of betting from anywhere and anytime you want without verifying your card details or anything extra.


Security with Google Pay

Google pay is always under intense scrutiny when it comes to safety and security.

So the use of latest technology makes it one of the most protected banking methods out there.

It has the highest levels of security to prevent frauds activities, including theft. Hence the bettors need not worry about security while using Google pay for online betting in India.

All payments made through Google pay are wrapped up in layers of Cyber security.

Your choice of security measure is taken as password it can be fingerprint scan, eyeball sensor or putting a input password.

Another important aspect is that it will only accept deposits from Google pay where names of both Google user and bettor match.

This eliminates the treat of someone else using your Google pay to fund an alternative account.



When it comes to Indian betting market, the anonymity is a highly valued commodity and the gambler prefers to make its identity private while betting online in India.

Indian laws on online gambling have not been crystal clear and thus often lead to inconvenient situations.

To avoid such situations, it is better to use a payment method that does not share your bank details with the betting site that is what G Pay exactly does.

Google Pay keeps your identity safe and does not let the online betting site know your personal details.


Privacy & Confidentiality confirmation

All deposits made through Google Pay are instant and will show up straight away. 

There are no fees and a single tap of acceptance will be sufficient.

Google Pay acts as a safety device for your regular banking cards, the transaction will appear on your bank statement as a direct payment to the bookmaker.

There will be no mention of Google Pay as they only act as an agent in the transaction.

It allows you to make betting deposits without giving any financial information over whatsoever.


Google Pay Vs the Rest

Let us know how G Pay is better than rest of the payment methods which are available right now in the market:

  • NeoSurf

It is a prepaid card which the bettors buy before using it online. This card is a one-time use card, when you choose the bookie, you need to scratch off the back of the card to reveal a 10-digit PIN code that you need to type to complete the transaction.

In this method no key information is shared but one has to go to purchase the card each time the person wants to bet online which is not so ideal in these conditions. Google pay eradicates all this unnecessary tension and steps and connects you directly.

  • Credit and Debit Cards

We all know the use of credit cards and debit cards and use it frequently in our daily life. Debit cards have been a long time companion for bettors.

But the guidelines are getting strict by time coming hence this method is losing its touch, also when you make a transaction with you card, the details are visible and your privacy is hindered.

Google pay adds a layer of security to this process and does not let the bookie know your personal information.

  • E-Wallets

E-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller eliminate all the sensitive information from going online and do ensure complete privacy.

It is also one of the reasons they have been choice of punters from long time for depositing their money.

But the disadvantage of using these e-wallets is that they tend to charge fees which on the other hand G Pay does not.

Also Google pay is a more secure and reliable source as it has Google as its developer.


Fees Associated with G Pay deposits

As mentioned earlier, Google pay is the only E- Wallet that does not charge any fee for deposition of money to the bookmark. Therefore anyone looking to bet online can easily do their transactions from G Pay with ease.


How to deposit using Google Pay

First of all, you should have a Google pay account, if not then you need to sign up for one.

Provide the basic contact information which is needed and link your credit or debit card to your G Pay account.

This service will act as an intermediary for your gambling–related transactions.


Verify your account and fund it with rupees, after that head over to cricket betting site and select Google pay as a banking method.

When you are done all that is needed is for you to transfer the amount to your favorite bookmark and start betting.


How to withdraw using Google Pay

Unfortunately, Google pay is not available for withdraws right not.

It is not a two way system; Indian bettors can only deposit their money by using Google pay and not vice-versa.

But there are few cricket betting sites in India that provide players with variety of options for withdraw as well. You can choose them for your betting if found suitable.



The history of Google pay can be traced from way back in year 2011. Initially Google launched a service called the Google wallet. However in 2015, another similar system was launched that was Android Pay, which later merged with Google Wallet in January 2018.

So we can pleasantly say that Google pay was born after this process of merger and rebranding was done.

It became to be known as Google Pay. As a result, it became a peer-to-peer payment system.

Further development of the app led to the app becoming the leader of tap-to-tap purchases.

Then some more technological advancement took place and Google pay came up to be a system of contactless payment.

In May 2018, G Pay added support for making payments related to boarding passes and event tickets.

‘Tez’ was a popular app for this purpose until Google introduced this support system.

Just few months later in August 2018, the system was rebranded in India and became a common method of payment. There has not been any looking back since then.


About Google Pay

Google Pay is Google’s version of the digital wal

let which works in the same way as Apple Pay does. This however cannot be considered as an E-wallet as users do not keep any funds in their Google Pay account. Instead the users register their bank cards within the Google wallet system.

In 2018, Google Pay replaced Android pay which was used for tap-to-pay application for mobile services.

Primarily it allows users to make payment through their android phones, tablets or watches.



Should you use Google pay for betting?

Yes, you should use Google Pay for betting online comfortably without taking any tension.


Is it safe to make deposits with Google Pay?

It is absolutely safe to use Google pay to make deposits while betting anywhere online. Google Pay does not share your private information with anyone.


What is the processing time for making a deposit?

It can take 12-24 hours with Neteller or Skrill, 1-5 days for credit cards, and 2-10 days for bank transfers as the processing time for making a deposit.


How do I deposit on a betting site with Google Pay?

You can deposit you money online in a betting site through signing in with G pay, making an account there, verifying your card details and then by clicking on G Pay as your payment method you can deposit the money on the betting site.


Can I deposit Indian Rupees with Google Pay?

Yes, you can deposit Indian rupees by using Google pay.


Is it legal to deposit money via Google Pay on a betting site?

Yes it is totally legal to deposit your money through your Google Pay account on a betting site.


How much does it cost to deposit money on a betting site with Google Pay?

Google pay takes no charge for depositing money on betting site. It is absolutely free.


Is it safe to deposit with Google Pay?

Yes, it is one of the safest methods. Google is one of the biggest digital corporations in the world who specializes in data encryption and practically run the internet.


What are the transaction limits when depositing with Google Pay?

Minimum transaction limit is10$ and maximum can be 10,000 $ in a week.


How much time does it take to deposit with Google Pay?

With using G pay for making a deposit, the transaction will be instant and no extra verification is needed to deposit the money in a bookmark.


Can I get free bets when I use Google Pay?

Yes, Google pay does give you free bets to try your luck if you are new customer.


Will I get a welcome bonus when I deposit with Google Pay?


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