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Agreement - Terms of Use
This is the Terms of Use Agreement for the website www.prokhel.com. This Agreement governs only the content, features, and activities related to this Site and is not subjected to any third party terms and conditions.
The terms and conditions stated in this agreement constitute a legally binding agreement between the user and Prokhel. You using the services of this website is an acknowledgement to the fact that the user has read and understood the terms and conditions of the website.
The term “Site” / “website” includes all webpages within the domain of www.prokhel.com. 
This agreement shall remain enforced as long as you are  user of this website and even after a termination of subscription, the user will be bound by the obligations stated in this agreement and privacy policy.
The words "use" and/or "using" in this Agreement mean at any point in time an individual (a "user"), directly or indirectly, with or without the aid of a machine or device, does or attempts to access, interact with, use, display, view, print or copy from, transmit, receive or exchange data or communicate with, the Site. Or in any way uses any service or feature on this website for any purpose. 
1. User Registration Password
Each user is required to have a unique username and password combination in order register and use the services of this website. Please go through the “Privacy Policy” to read more about how we collect, use, disclose, manage and store the users personal information.
Keeping your username and password confidential is the users responsibility. We will never ask for your login credentials and you should not share it with anyone. It is the users duty to contact the website and inform us immediately, if there may have been any unauthorized use of your username and password.
The user is completely responsible and liable for all actions taken via your username and password, whether or not made with your knowledge or authority.
2. Changes and Alterations of Terms and Conditions
The website reserves all rights to modify the Terms and conditions at any given time. The users will be notified immediately via notices on the website or via email about these changes. So it is the users duty to go through the terms and conditions on a regular basis and whenever they have been notified of any changes made as the changes will be effective as soon as the terms and conditions have been revised.
Your continued use of the website will constitute as an acceptance to the revised terms of use.
3. Intellectual Property Ownership
The contents of this website, together with all website software system, design, text, images, pictures, illustrations, audio and video material, artwork, items, graphic material, databases, Applications, proprietary info and every one copyrightable or otherwise lawfully protectable parts of the site, including, while not limitation, the choice, sequence and 'look and feel'/arrangement of things, and every one logos, service marks and trade names (both singly and/or jointly, "Material"), are the property of Prokhel, and its Affiliates, and conjointly any of their successors and assigns and any of their several licensors, Advertisers (as outlined below), suppliers, and repair suppliers whom are lawfully protected, while not limitation, also as sure applicable foreign laws, rules and treaties. On notice, we are going to act quickly and with the very best importance to get rid of content on the site that infringes the copyrights of others and can disable all access to the site for anyone who continues to infringe on the material possession rights of others. 
4. Advertising
You will often find links and banners of third parties on our websites. As we said earlier, we only generate revenue on Prokhel from advertisements. As soon as you click on any of these links, you will be redirected to the third party’s website. From here on now, it is the users responsibility to go through their privacy policy as they have their own set of privacy policies. 
We can not be held accountable for any way once the user has been redirected to a third part website.
6. Rules Of Conduct
Your use of the site is subject to any or all applicable native, state, national laws and laws and, in some cases, international treaties that are relevant to your current location. you're liable for all activities, acts and omissions that occur in, from, through or beneath your user name or password. You shall not use, allow, or enable others to use the site, or knowingly condone use of this website by others, in any means that's, tries to, or is probably going to:
•be derogatory, defamatory, indecent, vulgar or obscene, pornographic, sexually specific or sexually suggestive, racially, culturally, or ethnically offensive, harmful, harassing, daunting, threatening, hateful, objectionable, discriminatory, or abusive, or could or may seem to impersonate or imitate anyone else;
•affect us adversely or replicate negatively on us, our goodwill, name or reputation or cause force, distress or discomfort to us or anyone else, or discourage any individual, firm or enterprise from exploitation all or any portion, options or functions of the site, or from advertising, linking or changing into a provider to us in reference to the Site;
send or lead to the transmission of spam, chain letters, duplicative or unsought messages, surveys, contests, scheme, or supposed "spamming" and "phishing";
unless approved by us, be used for business functions, including, while not limitation, advertising, promoting or providing product or services, whether or not or not for monetary through linking with the other web site or internet pages;
transmit, distribute or transfer programs or material that contain malicious code, like viruses, timebombs, cancelbots, worms, trojan horses, spyware, or different probably harmful programs or different material or information;
create a false identity for the aim of dishonorable others or forge any TCP/IP packet header or a part of the header data in any email or newsgroup posting for any reason;
disrupt the traditional flow of Communities (as outlined below) with an excessive variety of messages (i.e. flooding attack) or that otherwise negatively affects other users' ability to participate in Communities;
violate any laws, laws (including, while not limitation, laws concerning the transmission of technical information or code exported , judicial or governmental order or any treaties, or violate or infringe upon any material possession rights, rights of promotion or privacy or the other rights of ours or of the other person, firm or enterprise; gain unauthorized access to the site, alternative users' accounts, names, passwords, in person recognizable info or alternative computers, websites or pages, connected or connected to the site or to use the site in any manner that violates or is contradictory with the terms and conditions of this Agreement;
modify, disrupt, impair, alter or interfere with the use, features, functions, operation or maintenance of the site or the rights of use and pleasure of the site by the other person, firm or enterprise; or
collect, obtain, compile, gather, transmit, reproduce, delete, revise, read or show any material or data, whether or not in person recognisable or not, announce by or regarding the other person, firm or enterprise, in reference to their or your own use of the site, unless you've got obtained the specific, previous permission of such different person, firm or enterprise to try and do therefore.
Any violation of those on top of terms and conditions can leave users at risk of having their accounts terminated. 
7. Non-Business Limited License To Use Site
Prokhel herewith grants you a restricted license to use the site just for the needs of accessing, viewing or taking part in content, posting or submitting User Material, exploitation the embedded link operate, inserting product orders or for accessing data, Applications (as outlined herein) and services entirely for your non-profit-making, non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-transferable and restricted personal use and for no different functions whatever. you want to not amendment, delete or conceal any copyright or different notices contained on the site, as well as notices on any service or material you transfer, transmit, display, print or reproduce from the site. You shall not, nor can you permit any third party to breed, change, produce by-product works from, display, perform, publish, distribute, circulate, broadcast or flow into to any third party (including, while not limitation, on or via a 3rd party website), or otherwise use, any Material on this web site while not the categorical previous written consent of Prokhel. Any unauthorized or prohibited use of any Material could subject you to civil liability, action, or both, below applicable federal, state and native laws.
Prokhel reserves the right to suspend or deny, in its sole discretion, your use of all or any portion of the site as represented in Section 14. Any rights not expressly granted to you herein are reserved to Prokhel. Minors ought to look for consent of his or her legal guardian before using this website. 
8. Wireless Marketing Services
We could give users the chance to register for distinctive promotions, services, news, programming and knowledge delivered via text electronic communication and different wireless devices like mobile/cellular phones. Users are obligated to supply their consent to receive such data by yielding with the precise terms associated with any of those aforesaid offerings. data which will be requested for promotions includes, while not limitation, a user's preferences relating to product or services, decisions of music or artists, or different similar survey data. counting on the promotion, we have a tendency to may additionally collect web email addresses and different data and, counting on the data collected, the user may additionally be needed to substantiate his or her agreement to the present Agreement and, together with while not limitation, the Privacy Policy and/or further Terms or Rules.
You perceive, acknowledge and agree that we tend to could, at our sole discretion and while not liability to any user, terminate our supply of any specific wireless promoting service or all wireless promoting services at any time with none advance notice. we tend to might give notice of such terminations or changes on this web site.
9. Communication 
Your comments, suggestions and knowledge are vital to us. parts of this website could offer you with a chance to participate in instant electronic communication, forum services, blogs, net communities and alternative message and communication facilities ("Communities") and should offer you the chance, through such Communities to submit, post, display, transmit and/or exchange (a) data, ideas, opinions, messages or alternative data ("Post" or "Postings") and (b) User Material. 
You perceive, acknowledge and agree that such Postings are the only responsibility of the person from that the Postings originated. this suggests that you just are entirely answerable for the implications of all Postings that you just transfer, post, email, transmit or otherwise build obtainable through and onto the location. 
You must perceive, acknowledge and agree that we've got the right to delete, re-format and/or modification your Postings in any manner that we might confirm (although you'll not be liable for any such changes made). the quantity of space for storing on the site per user is restricted. Postings might not be processed because of area constraints or outgoing message limitations. you need to perceive, acknowledge and agree that we tend to assume no responsibility for removal of Postings or failure to store, receive or deliver Postings or the other matter concerning Postings. Posting is for uncommercialized functions solely and you will not Post in any manner that will or is meant to push or generate revenue for any business or endeavor.
If you suspect that any content on the site (including, while not limitation, User Material) violates any of the terms of this Agreement (except for any notices lined by the Copyright Compliance Policy), please send us a message concerning it.
10. Third Party Sites Hyperlinks
The look, accessibility, or your use of URLs or hyperlinks documented or enclosed anyplace on the site or the other kind of link of your affiliation to doesn't represent an endorsement by or responsibility or liability on the a part of, the Site, any of their successors and assigns, and any of their individual officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, licensors, Advertisers, suppliers, and operational service suppliers. we don't verify, endorse or have any responsibility for such third party sites, their business practices (including their privacy policies), or any merchandise or services related to or obtained in reference to any such web site, whether the Site's, brand or support identification is on the third party web site as a part of a co-branding or promotional arrangement. If any third party web site obtains or collects Personal data from you, in no event we could have any responsibility or liability. Please browse our Privacy Policy, that describes how Prokhel uses and collects your Personal data and co-branding relationships.
11. Advertisement and Malicious Software
We take full care and pride in making this website. we are continually on the lookout for technical glitches that result in the site works. after we realize them we are going to fix them. sadly, your computer could cause some glitches that impact how you see our website -- which is not in our management. However, do contact us with any glitches that we'll, reasonably, decide to fix at our end.
If you experience any uncommon behavior, content or ads on the site, it should be the results of Malware on your pc. Malware -- short for Malicious software -- could be a term accustomed classify a type of package that is put in during a computing system with malicious intentions, sometimes without the owner's information or permission. Malware will include pc viruses, key loggers, malicious active content, knave programs and dialers, among others. whereas we tend to ceaselessly work closely with our partners to make sure that everything on the site is functioning properly, generally Malware programs on your pc could interfere along with your experience on our website and additionally on different sites that you simply visit.
We suggest that you simply take some of the subsequent actions which can facilitate to clean your PC / Laptop and that might facilitate prevent future installations of Malware.
Update your computer via Windows Update (found within the Tools menu in your net explorer net browser).
Install a SpyWare Removal Tool like Spybot Search and Destroy or AdAware to clean your PC / Laptop of Malware.
Install antivirus package, like Norton anti-virus or McAfee Virus-shield.
Install Microsoft Defender (for Windows computers).
Please note that we cannot and are not liable for the results of any third-party software package together with Malware on your computing system. Please check that to rigorously scan the assistance or client Support areas of any software download web site.
If you discover Malware on your system, we tend to additionally recommend you contact and speak with a professional pc technician.
14. Deactivation / Termination of your Registration Or Use
If you're registered to use the site, you can also deactivate your account on the site, at any time and for any reason, by contacting us via the e-mail. Your account shall be terminated on receipt of any such email demonstrating an intention to shut your account with Prokhel. We might also terminate your use of and registration on the site at any time and for any reason, with or without cause, without previous notice to you and with none liability or additional obligation of any kind whatsoever to you or the other party.
12. Duplicate Accounts
Duplicate accounts aren't allowed. we tend to track all accounts via IP address, cookies and different strategies to make sure that over one account isn't created. If we discover out that over one account has been created by one person we've the right to delete those accounts and ban them from our website.
13. Prize Redemption
  1. The user is only eligible to redeem one Gift Card / Prize over a period of 30 days.
  2. The Gift Cards are valid for only upto 7 days from the date of issue.
  3. Only the users registering in 2020 are eligible for the the Rs.20/- Welcome Gift Card 
  4. All the other orders which do not comply with the above 3 points will be cancelled and the diamonds will not be refunded.
14. Privacy Policy
We respect your privacy and also the use and protection of your Personal data. Please see our Privacy Policy for vital data and disclosures about the collection and use of your Personal data in reference to your use of the site.


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