Privacy Policy

We at Prokhel, never negotiate with the privacy of our users. We take all measures to preserve and safe guard the privacy of our users when they visit our website.
Please make sure to go through the list of measures that we take to safeguard your privacy
We also provide a detailed explanation of how we might be able to store or use your personal information.  
The privacy policy at Prokhel is regularly updated with the implementation of all latest regulations, so we need you to check back on these policies on a regular basis

1. Collection of Information

We do collect the information shared by our users which helps us give our users a better experience.
a. Information shared with us when the users contacts us for any reason
b. Information shared by the user while registering on our website or while filling out any other form.
2. Cookies
At Prokhel, we only generate revenue via advertising. We and our advertisers may have the occasion to collect information in regards to your computer.
The data collected by us or our advertisers will in no way identify an individual personally. The data is in a statistical format about our users and how they use the different features of our website. 
Be rest assured, No personal information will be shared in any circumstances via cookies.
(You might be a little skeptical about how the Cookies actually work. Let us try and explain that to you first.)
The cookies are automatically placed in the computer’s hard drive where there is a record of what information has been transferred. These cookies help us at Prokhel to improve our website so that we can give a better experience to our users. 
If you are still not confident about how the cookies work, you also have an option to decline all cookies from your computer. Every browser has ability to decline the downloads like cookies. 
The advertisers on our website may or may not use cookies. We are in no way responsible neither do we have a control over the cookies that are being downloaded from the advertisements on our website. 
We have a “AD” logo on the top right corner of all the advertisements on our websites and the advertisers will only have access to your cookies if you click on any of these advertisements.
The user can also click on the “AD” logo to read the “Advertising T&C” that we abide by at Prokhel.
3. How is the information collected by us used?
Our only motive to collect and store our users data is to give them a better user experience. Here is a list of scenarios where we might use the shared information.
a. Whenever the users contact us via any electronic transmission means, we might use the information to fulfill the users query. 
b. We may also try to contact the users to inform them about the different features of our website or any new updates that are implemented which will useful to the users. Be rest assured this will be possible if we have the consent of the users.
c. The information shared with the users will always be similar to the services used by the user in the past.
d. The advertisers on our website might also be able to share information with you relating to similar services or features used by the user. This will only be possible if the user has given consent for such communications. 
e. New users might be contacted by us or our advertisers only if consent has been granted.
f. You can always decline your consent for the communications.
g. We will never share any sort of personal information with our advertisers.
4. How do we store the Personal Information of our users?
When a user registers on our website, the user is automatically giving us consent to store that data shared safely and abiding with all the privacy policies.
Although there are no money transactions being carried out on our website, we still make sure that all the information shared by the users are stored on secured servers.
5. Advertisers and Third party links
You will often find links and banners of third parties on our websites. As we said earlier, we only generate revenue on Prokhel from advertisements. As soon as you click on any of these links, you will be redirected to the third party’s website. From here on now, it is the users responsibility to go through their privacy policy as they have their own set of privacy policies. 
We can not be held accountable for any way once the user has been redirected to a third part website.
Finally if you have any questions regarding our privacy policies or need us to elaborate on any of the above topics, please feel free to contact us by sending us an email on or click here to Contact Us

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