• Bundesliga - Bochum Vs Eintracht Frankfurt

    24 Oct 2021 05:30 PM View Odds

  • Serie A - Inter Vs Juventus

    24 Oct 2021 06:45 PM View Odds

  • LaLiga - Atl. Madrid Vs Real Sociedad

    24 Oct 2021 07:00 PM View Odds

  • Twenty20 World Cup - Match 16: India Vs Pakistan

    24 Oct 2021 07:30 PM View Odds

  • NHL - Minnesota Wild Vs Nashville Predators

    24 Oct 2021 10:00 PM View Odds

  • NHL - Chicago Blackhawks Vs Detroit Red Wings

    24 Oct 2021 11:00 PM View Odds

  • Bundesliga - Bochum Vs Eintracht Frankfurt

    24 Oct 2021 05:30 PMView Odds

  • Serie A - Inter Vs Juventus

    24 Oct 2021 06:45 PMView Odds

  • LaLiga - Atl. Madrid Vs Real Sociedad

    24 Oct 2021 07:00 PMView Odds

  • Twenty20 World Cup - Match 16: India Vs Pakistan

    24 Oct 2021 07:30 PMView Odds

  • NHL - Minnesota Wild Vs Nashville Predators

    24 Oct 2021 10:00 PMView Odds

  • NHL - Chicago Blackhawks Vs Detroit Red Wings

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11 Most Popular Countries for Online Sports Betting

Summary: Though gambling is a popular activity, not all countries have legalized online sports betting. Discover the countries that are popular for sports gambling all across the world and what makes them famous amongst the betters.

The world is one large collection of countries, distinguished by a diverse range of cultures, traditions, customs, religions and political systems. Still, aside from being humans, there is a common thread that binds us all together- our love for sports and online sports betting.

No matter which continent, country, region, state, city or district you reside in, betting is an integral part of every culture. This could be one of the many reasons, why it is so commonly followed even in countries where it is not entirely legal, like China. China is the most appropriate example to prove how much people across the globe love to place their wagers on their favorite sports. Despite gambling being illegal in China, the country produces the largest gambling revenues in the world.

There are many countries around the world where online sports betting is legal. It makes the entire concept of gambling, a secured process. And if you are just a beginner trying to measure the depth of altogether a different world of gambling, it is crucial to have an understanding of this industry. From knowing different types of odds to mistakes that as a beginner you must avoid, there is a list of things that can help you become a pro. So why not begin with finding out the countries that let their citizens enjoy the thrill of gambling? Check them out:


Beginning our list from the country which is quite popular across the world for various reasons also shows our love for Australia. Being a gambler`s paradise since 1980, the country provides an expansive range of entertainment, when it comes to gambling. From high-end casinos to slots to online sports betting to lotteries, Australia has left no stone unturned to make gambling an enjoyable activity. On the top of it, the country has also made the winning amount, completely non-taxable. Feeling the thrill already, eh?

United Kingdom

Home to various fascinating sports betting parlors, United Kingdom is the undisputed hub of most famous sports betting scene across the world. The best thing is that sports betting legal in the UK. Offering a wide range of sporting events to the sports bettors, the country is favored by millions of people from different parts of the world. There are a large number of online sportsbooks available in the country as well, so that you can bet on the team you support.


In Indian sub-continent gambling is an illegal act according to the Public Gambling Act 1867. Due to the exclusion of online sports betting; mobile gambling has been on a rise. Just like the United States, India is also a republic of various different states and they are all operated by local governments. There are few states that have prohibited the act of gambling completely, while there are other states like Goa and Sikkim that have legalized it. Due to vague laws on gambling, Indian sports bettors enjoy fantasy sports and online sports betting on cricket matches, kabaddi, casinos, and many others leagues and tournaments.


Famous for the freedom that it provides in terms of gambling, Canada is next on our list. The local population which is very much into online sports betting uses Canada`s liberal take on gambling to the fullest. But it is not so simple, as sports betting is not federally restricted in Canada. The Canadian sports betting laws are through both the federal government and the government of each province. For instance, Alberta does not have online gambling websites and allow sportsbooks operated by a setlist of gambling brands. Each Canadian province has its own set of rules when it comes to gambling.


Despite the fact that gambling is a legitimate act, the local population is not too inclined towards casinos or slots. The Spanish people are more thrilled and passionate about sports betting, which explains why there are bookmakers in large numbers.


The gambling scene in Argentina was more or less the same as the US, before the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). Horse racing is considered legal in all parts of Argentina, but it has a set of bans and re-establishment of its legal status in the past. If you are a lover of online sports betting, Buenos Aries is the place to be. Online gambling is completely legalized here, and you can bet on wide range e-sports, horse races, and many other sporting events. The only event you can`t wager against is political events.


The gambling scene in this small yet developed South Asian country is certainly booming. But it can be really expensive to even have the taste of betting scene in Singapore. In order to simply enter a casino there, one has to pay a hefty amount that can be a big turn off for some. But the numbers of bettors are increasing with each passing day and the gambling costs are averaging around $1200.


With Nigeria sports betting entered the market in 2005; the gambling scene in the country has prevailed. The National Lottery Regulatory Commission legalized the National Lottery Act. The act made way for the online sports betting without any restrictions. The Nigerian sportsbooks offer a wide range of sporting events and are available online.


Everything related to gambling is legal in Mexico.  Established firmly in 2004, there are hardly any restrictions in this neighboring country of the United States. Mexico has one of the fastest-growing betting markets in all of Latin America. The country also has established online sportsbooks as well, which makes it easier for the bettors who are visiting the country and are above 18 years.


Planning to visit Colombia, anytime soon? If yes, the good news is that the online sports gambling is completely legal in this South American country. Though retail sports betting has been enjoying a legal status since 2001, but it was not until 2016 that online sports betting joined in. The betting scene in Columbia is much safer and protected. One can bet on various international sports such as American football, baseball and plenty of other major sporting events.


Many believe that it was China that developed the concept of gambling, which is a matter of discussion. However Chinese people, just like Indians have been gambling since ancient times. Today, the government does look down upon gambling and has restricted it; the country can still feel the presence of online sports gambling. Thanks to Hong Kong and Macau, where gambling is up and active, betters can place their wagers on various sporting events apart from lotteries.

Excerpts :> Not all the countries across the globe have legalized local licensed bookmakers or sports betting sites. But there are countries, where the bettors can enjoy the thrill of betting without any fear and we have got them covered in this article. If you are just a beginner, read about them to gain in-depth knowledge.


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