• Serie A - Inter Vs Juventus

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  • LaLiga - Atl. Madrid Vs Real Sociedad

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  • Twenty20 World Cup - Match 16: India Vs Pakistan

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  • Serie A - Inter Vs Juventus

    24 Oct 2021 06:45 PMView Odds

  • LaLiga - Atl. Madrid Vs Real Sociedad

    24 Oct 2021 07:00 PMView Odds

  • Twenty20 World Cup - Match 16: India Vs Pakistan

    24 Oct 2021 07:30 PMView Odds

  • NHL - Minnesota Wild Vs Nashville Predators

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  • NHL - Chicago Blackhawks Vs Detroit Red Wings

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6 Types of Betting Style That Indian Punters Must Know About!

Summary: While placing bets in online sports gambling is easy, making a profit is not-that-simple. If you want to become a pro, when it comes to betting, you must know what you are dealing with. Discover the different types of betting that are available in India.

We all love winning! But the recipe to become a successful better as far as online sports betting is concerned, involves plenty of ingredients. And of the ingredient that is essential to keep making profits is- to be aware of types of betting.

The entire process of betting on your favorite sports could prove to be overwhelming for those who have just entered the world of sports gambling. More often than not, a bookmaker offers multiple types of wagers. And as there are various types of wagers, every novice should know about them. Once you pick up your favorite online sports betting site, all you have to do is register yourself and make a deposit. Once you get through it, you will come across a list of games and matches with various types of betting.

Depending on the sporting events, you will find hundreds of different types of bets. However, there is a set of basic betting styles that you should know about. And to make the art of online sports betting easier for you, we have explained all the common style of betting in this short guide. Check them out:

Win Bets or Moneyline Bets

Nothing can be simpler than the "Win Bet", or "Moneyline Bets". Although both the term has the same meaning, they are used interchangeably across the world. Depending upon the geographical location, it may be called one thing over the other. In the United States, Moneyline bet is more popular, whereas around the rest of the globe, the same kind of wager is called "win bet".

Popular due to their simplicity, win bet is the most traditional method of placing wagers and can be used in almost every kind of sports. All you have to do is pick a team that you believe is going to win the tournament, a match or a series.

E.g. In an on-going match between India v/s Australia, if you believe India is going to win the match, you will place a win bet on India. If India becomes the winner, you will also win your wages. It`s that easy!

Total and Over/Under bets

The name may give away the idea, but to explain it in a better way, we are going to describe the concept of "total and over/under bets. Total and over/under bets are the same thing, except that in the United States, people like to use more the term "Total" as compared to "Over/Under bets". While the rest of the world use the latter more frequently. Similarly to winbets, totals are also one of the most popular styles of betting, especially for the beginners.

In this type of betting, the sportsbook will issue a specified total associated with a sporting event, which is tied to the number of points scored in the game. If you are placing this wager, you will have to decide whether both the teams involved in a match will come over or under the number set by the sportsbook.

E.g. Let`s take the same scenario that we have mentioned in the above example. The sportsbook may set total points of 200. If you believe both the teams combined will score runs more than 200 points in the match, you will win the bet. And, if you feel that the combined score of both the teams will be less than 200, you would bet the under. If the combined total score would be less than 200, you will win your totals bet.

Point Spread & Handicap Betting

Another popular yet simpler style of betting is Point Spread or Handicap Betting. More popularly used as Handicap Betting in the European and other countries, this type of wager is known as Point Spread in the United States. The ideology of both terms is similar. A bookmaker will determine which team they think is going to win the match and by how many points. It`s up to you then to decide, if the bookmaker has over or understated the points.

E.g. In a match between Australia v/s England, a sportsbook has posted a point spread of 5 points in the favor of England, as it believes that England will beat Australia by 5 runs. Now, if you are willing to put a wager on this match, you will have to choose if the sportsbook is high or too low. If you too believe that Australia will lose by 5 runs, you place your wager on England. To win this type of bet, you will have to pick wisely from one of the two options above.

Future & Outright Bets

Going by its name, the Future and Outright Bets involve punters betting on the winner of an overall tournament, competition or league in advance. You will have to pick or select a team that you believe will be winning a tournament or a series, without an actual match taking place currently.

E.g. the Indian Premier League starts in April. But you might have to bet on the winner of the series before the league begins. Because most of these bets are placed so far ahead of their competition, it can be tricky to pick the correct team.

Proposition Bets & Specials

Props & Specials is slightly different from the traditional style of betting, and if you are looking to try something off the league, you might want to consider placing a proposition bet. The prop bets or specials can be just on anything. From picking the man-of-the-match to which team will win the toss and everything in between, you can place bet on almost anything and everything.

Parlays & Accumulators

Ideal for seasoned and experienced bettors, Parlays and Accumulators is not for the beginners. A little complicated to fathom and risky too, this concept involves punters selecting a string of picks as part of one single wager.

E.g. In horse racing, you will have to place an accumulator bet on the winner of six different races. To win this bet, your picks would need to be accurate for all the six races. Even if a single one of your picks is incorrect, you will lose your bet. 

Excerpts: There are various types of betting styles, but the ones we have mentioned above are the most popular in India. Every beginner must understand these betting styles before placing their wagers. Getting a hang of these betting styles will help you understand the concept of online sports betting, and to maximize your profit.  There are other betting styles too that we have not explained in detail like If bets & Reverse Bets, teasers & Pleasers and full cover bets because they are more common in United States and not in India. So try to gain in-depth knowledge about the above-mentioned betting style to become a pro.

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