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  • Bundesliga - Bochum Vs Eintracht Frankfurt

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  • Serie A - Inter Vs Juventus

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  • LaLiga - Atl. Madrid Vs Real Sociedad

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  • Twenty20 World Cup - Match 16: India Vs Pakistan

    24 Oct 2021 07:30 PMView Odds

  • NHL - Minnesota Wild Vs Nashville Predators

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  • NHL - Chicago Blackhawks Vs Detroit Red Wings

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The Growth of Mobile Betting: What the Future Withholds!

Summary: India is the world`s second-largest country with mobile users, which makes it a gold mine of opportunities for mobile betting. Learn how the market of online sports betting is expected to change in the future.

The technology-driven world is ever-changing. Every second, a discovery is made for the betterment and the ease of various sectors of the society, and gambling is no exception. Historically, gambling was a medium of entertainment, recreation or a way of killing time. But as everything is now becoming digital and can be accessed through a small electronic gadget called smartphone, the contemporary world of gambling has moved online too.

Taking the Graph Higher!

Although there are many reasons behind the growing market of mobile betting, the major reason is the heightened use of mobile phones and devices. More and more people are getting internet connection and data plans to access the vast world of web. Along with this, the recently relaxed regulations on gambling and betting are nurturing the growth of the global online sports betting industry.

Due to its remote accessibility, online sports betting is a relatively newer leisure pursuit and a popular one, as compared to land-based gambling. Not just in India, but it is one of the most growing industries in the European Union as well as in the other parts of the world. This includes the growing mobile users, increased internet usage and mobile gaming, changing gambling habits, market consolidation, and technology advancement and relaxed regulations on online mobile betting.

Presently more than 60% of the world`s population use mobile phones and it is estimated that more than half of the global population will have access to the internet by 2020. In India, in mid-2016, the country emerged as the 6th global market with 2.9% global mobile users. The existing mobile user population in the country is around 525, 30million, and it is estimated to grow around 666, 40 million by 2023, thanks to the rapid growth of the internet in rural areas now. The statistics of the users is estimated at 566 million and is reported to be 97% on mobile devices.

Asia: A Newcomer in Betting Market

As the mobile betting industry has seen an exponential growth in the past couple of years, the betting business is shifting gears from betting shops to a mobile app. Now in most countries, including India, there are multiple betting platforms and applications that are running online and allow users to place their wagers from the comfort of their home. As per the latest survey, 40% of the betting games are placed by a mobile app around the world.

India has showcased its potential in terms of large number of sports betters and the country`s unclear laws that do not define the legal status of online sports betting. Although the government has not legalized the gambling industry, the exposure and value of money that the industry has, it may consider its many aspects to legalize online betting as a fantasy game. 

Dream 11 is an online fantasy game and can be accessed via a mobile app. Within 2 years of its launch, it has become a popular betting platform. From 2016 to the end of 2018, Dream 11 has added more than 43 million users in India. Currently, the existing number of users is 52.5 million, which is set to reach over 100 million by the end of the year 2019.

How you can place your wager through Mobile Devices

With the onset of the internet revolution as well as the smart devices paving ways into our lives, our modes of entertainment have been turned-around 360 degrees. In the past, the betters were required to visit a local bookie to place a wager, which later on developed into a matter of convenience. All you need to have is to access a computer system with a fast internet connection and you are all set to go!

If you have a smartphone with a data plan and a 3G, 4G or a Wi-Fi connection, you can access your account from anywhere around the world, making your phone a portable bookmaker that fits right into your pocket. Hence, if you want to try placing bets from your mobile devices, the process is extremely easy as all you have to do is set up an account with your preferred online sports betting sites.

Most of the bookies have made their betting sites mobile friendly along with user-friendly along with a simple design and interface. The interface on mobile might look slightly different than its web version, but once you get the hang of using the app, you will start loving it.

In-Play Mobile Betting

Love wagering on an on-going match, while sitting in the stadium? Worry not! Mobile betting offers such opportunity to its million users. The in-play mobile betting is the highlight of sports betting, because it is much more exciting to browse the wagers when you are watching the game in the stadium. It becomes much easier to analyze the possible outcomes. The in-play sports betting is here to stay and we believe that it holds the future of wagering through mobile devices.

Rewards & Cash Out

The mobile betting site offering welcome bonuses and attractive rewards to their new users is not a new thing. There are plenty of online sports betting websites that offer new users up to 110% bonuses. But, the most amazing feature that has been added is Cash out. Whether you are interested in placing wagers online or in-play mobile betting, there is an option of "Cash out".

With Cash-out, a sports better can choose to opt-out and stop wager before the game has ended. It means that if the game is close to an end, but you are unsure of your bet, you can choose the option of cash out a part of your winnings. Cash-out offers more control to you over your wagers along with a chance to minimize your losses. You can track your selections and cash out at any point of your choice.

The Future of Mobile Betting

With people getting more inclined towards their mobile devices for the betting purpose, the bookmakers are under compulsion to produce high-end betting apps. The amount of usage of these sites is beginning to suggest that mobile gambling will eventually take over traditional betting, in the future. However, as the future is unpredictable, we will have to wait to find that out. But considering the current statistics, the mobile betting industry is promising for mobile punters.  Along with cricket, many other sports events are available, right at your fingertips!

Excerpts: The future of sports betting and gambling is Online (mobile or desktop). The total Indian gambling market is being quoted in various surveys and reports as being worth around $60 billion, with more than 75% of this coming from unregulated markets. The mobile betting market is expected to reach half a trillion mark and for users; it is the most feasible option for generating money. Hence, Mobile Betting is here to stay and that too for a long time!


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