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Online Cricket Betting

Have you decided to try at least once for online betting? However, you might not be clear on how to start. Well, it is not that tough.

Your first step is to decide a bookmarker you might want to sign in. There are many online betting sites especially for Indian viewers and beting players. Many sites even allow you to bet with rupees instead of using foreign currencies.

Well, cricket is not a national sport for Indians, but still, it has been in the hearts of people. It has always been an outstanding sport in the subcontinent. A family gets together to watch a cricket match. You enjoy a cozy and exciting environment with your friends.

To increase the excitement while watching a game you can also start online betting.


How can you start with cricket betting?

If you want to know the betting procedure online, then you have unquestionably come to the right place. You will get to know about all the essential tools required while betting.

You have to sign up yourself. It helps you to make an account on a betting site that especially accepts Indian players. You can even bet before the initialization of a match. This betting is defined as Match Coupon. This betting is like “Who will win the match,” “Who wins toss,” most wickets by a bowler?” Many other bets fall under this category.

The second betting type is live betting. In this, you can bet when a cricket match is live. It is a matter of scenario of a ball that changes decisions every time. It is more exciting, and you bet on the runs per over or next man out and many more cricket betting odds.

Understanding about Cricket Betting Odds

You need to understand better and use the word “Odds” to bet on any sport. You should know how to read the odds, how to compare them, and need to understand how much you can earn through odds that you are risking.


How to use Online Cricket Betting Odds?

Online cricket betting not only involves the prospect of picking which team will win the match but also hinges on lots of other things. It will benefit you more if you have a potential and big dream to earn more money in a long time. There are more chances of losing money if you bet only on one sportsbook. If you even pick the right team, who will win, the match he plays would be 100% right on every game, yet getting the highest cricket betting odds would still matter a lot for your win. You will earn a higher return in a short time.

Moreover, it will benefit you in the future. If you get correct cricket betting odds, it will benefit you a lot than half the battle. Getting the right odds is closer to a complete battle.

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What is the Importance of Online Cricket Betting Odds?

Here is an example between two bettors to give you a glance at the importance of getting the highest possible cricket betting odds.  For example, there are two bettors X and Y. Both these bettors are winners. You can pick up winning bets at the higher rate, like 70%. After that, “X” gets odds on an average of 2.00 and “Y” gets odds on an average of 2.90. If they both bet around 900 games in a year, it would leave both of them with around 600 winning bets and 300 losers.  If they bet $500 on each match, they will get results something like this;

  • Net winning of bettor “X”:

600*1.00 + 300*(-1) = 300* $500 = $150

  • Net winning of bettor “Y”:

600*1.90 + 300*(-1) = 840* $500 = $420

Here is the difference of $270, which you miss. If you understand all possible alternatives, it will be great that getting the best possible cricket odds on your bets will be an important thing while doing online cricket betting.


How can you find the best Cricket Betting Odds Online?

It means to look around for the different sportsbooks to get the best price on your bet. You may also call it odds or rates. This concept is the same as you look for a new thing at different stores and compare their prices. Many people look at various shops to buy even a single piece to save some money. The same thing happens with betting. When you are going for online cricket betting, you will look for the best odds at all times.


At Which Place can you find the Best Online Cricket Betting Odds?

You may get one answer for this, “it depends.” It is the truth. When the bookmakers make mistakes, goods odds spawn. Thus, it happens at different frequencies at different sportsbooks. Some sportsbooks offer better betting rates in routine than other sportsbooks on cricket. If you want to win in the long run, it is essential to have Pinnacle in the arsenal when you bet online. Always remember that other sharp bettors rule over the market, so the line shops are every efficient. When you go to bet online for cricket, double-check for betting on a line before going ahead.

IPL Betting

Top Online Cricket Betting Sites in India

There are many online cricket betting sites to bet, some of these are listed down below;

  • 10Cric betting Site – Rs. 7,500 Welcome Bonus
  • 22Bet Betting Site – welcome Bonus 100%
  • Betway Betting Site – 100% Welcome Bonus up to Rs2500
  • Unibet Betting Site – Claim your $25 Welcome Offer
  • Betting Site – Bet 1000rs and get Rs 3000
  • Spin casino Betting Site – A Massive Rs 100,000 free Welcome Bonus
  • Bet365 Betting Site - $100 Deposit Bonus
  • LeoVegar Betting Site – 20 Free Spins on Sign Up
  • Royal Panda Betting Site – Rs2000 Free Bet

It has become a religion to predict results in cricket betting. Betting in Cricket is a multi-billion-dollar industry that will surely reach $120 billion by 2022. The popularity of Cricket betting is soaring in our country. Indians have entered late in sports because betting was illegal in the country. But today, it is legal to sport betting. Best betting websites have 1.3 billion Indians to bet. And now, it is evident that cricket betting will become the largest market for the coming time. Different sites offer betting ideas and tips specifically for the Indian audience. Website owners take it as a pride to start taking Indian audiences in the world of cricket betting.

If you plan to start cricket betting, you first need to find a perfect platform or website to be a seasoned punter. Here you will come to know about the tips to make predictions for IPL predictions and ICC World Cup. These tips will help you to overcome odds to have a rewarding betting experience. With the increase in cricket betting, has even helped the growth of Internet access in India. The best site for online betting for cricket in India has let the most users put up stakes without moving out of their houses.


How can you filter out the Best Cricket Betting Sites?

With an increased number of internet users, owners have preferred to start hundreds of betting sites. It has grown on a large scale in the Indian market. However, make sure of using a trusted site, because all of them are not safe. They try to make you certain in betting but can rob you. Be sure you did not fall to be a victim of fraud. A good site must be certain that guarantees safety and quality. They must have foolproof filtering norms, and other vital features must make you sure of using the right website and optimally.

Features that a suitable site must offer you:

  • Security: A trusted site must give SSL encryption as regulated by a reputable authority. They must have an SSL license.
  • Twenty-four hours support: There must be a live chat option that provides the best customer services to you. Along with this, there must be quick calling and email options to help support a person betting on Cricket. These are some basic requirements a site must-have.
  • Fast Payouts: It is an essential option of payout when you look for online betting for cricket. Choose only those sites for betting that can pay you in one day.
  • Betting Market: Most Indians are diverse in sport. Hence they have been looking for a big platter of sports and a good range of betting markets.
  • Competitive Odds: You must look for the odds that they offer you for an excellent website on betting.
  • Bonus offers: An excellent site on betting will provide you with a massive bonus and other welcome prizes. Moreover, it must give you reasonable return requirements. Thus after looking at these norms, choose the best one you prefer.
  • User Experience: A good Cricket betting site must attach an immense significance to a user interface, navigability, and operations of a website.

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How can you get the best Indian Bettors Site?

You need to review every site that targets Indian audiences and take a look at various other parameters that range from coverage of cricket. Here are many facts to think while you list sites below:

  • Indians need to accept players first. It is a vital requirement before you rate or rank a website. Don’t make a site in a list that does not Indian players.
  • Continue the site in your list that accepts Indian rupee currency. Do not allow betting sites in your list that do not accept it.
  • Eventually, an important fact is coverage of cricket, which is very famous in India. Along with this, some other sports for betting are even famous.


Money deposit and Withdraw in Online Betting

Well, it is a button operation to deposit or withdraw money in online betting. You need to first look into functionalities and features before you bet to avoid any trouble. If you have some bonus offer, then the site must inform you about it. Cricket has always been an interesting sport for people. Indians travel in the whole world with betting sites even for other sports, including Kabaddi, Football, Tennis, and Formula1. Betting in sports has been increasing with each passing day.

A large number of online betting sites have come, which has tried to increase the demand of users in the whole world. Indians are helping in developing a new market of online cricket betting for showing they are keenly interested in the same. Online sites have held on the potential to have a good fraction of betting activities in the coming future. For a beginner, online betting sites are enough to improve his mind. And for the experienced ones, online betting sites have been sharing researched content on cricket that helps you understand small advantages of online betting on cricket and help you choose the best site for betting in India. These online sites provide ultimate resources for online betting. However, best ones tell you how to make predictions before a match starts or on a live going match.


How are betting sites growing incredibly in India?

Sites for Cricket Betting in India have been tapping Indian masses in the past many years. Indians have made our country be the second most active users of the Internet in the whole world. It is all their passion for cricket that run in veins has made cricket betting to reach great heights if we calculate popularity. Now some specific sites have been started that offer cricket betting, especially for Indians. Along with this, they have been offering some tips for beginners and a list to bet on the best site. But before you bet, you need to check out predictions to be made and how.  

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Is Cricket Betting at Prokhel is Legal?

Welcome to one of the most popular Cricket Betting site Prokhel. Here you can Place Free Bet On National & International Cricket Matches Like Asia Cup, Internatonal ODI Cricket and Also Find the Most Popular Paid Online Cricket Betting Sites with Huge Sign-up Bonus. You Can Place Free Bet on Cricket Matches & Win Lots of Amazing Prizes Daily like Gift Cards, Vouchers, Mobile Phones, Headphones and many more. Our portal is number #1 for online cricket betting as we cover all your favourite cricket matches like World Cup, Indian Premier League, Champions League T20, and Country Championship, Asia Cup Betting & More. Further, our free to play website accentuates the thrill to bet online on cricket matches. Place free Cricket bets and earn rewards on our user-friendly website which has built a reputation of premium online gambling service in India.

Prokhel is Free to Play Online Cricket Bookies here user will not Require to Add money or Place Bet with their real money that was illegal in India We also Didn't accept Debit or Credit card. Prokhel is 100% Legal Online Cricket Bookies site in India here you can place a Free bet on National or International Cricket Matches and this website is designed for user Entertainment and fun Purpose. You Can Place Free Cricket Bet here and Win an Assured Prizes Online at Free of cost with Free Shipping Across India. You will not pay any money for your ordered product (Not even the shipping). Create Free Account Today and Start Online Cricket Betting at Safe and Secure Online Cricket & Sports Betting Portal.


Cricket Betting Tips

Making money consistently in online betting can be tough. But there are many sports bettors who win persistently and there are lot of others who make a good living off of sports betting with smart tips. These tips work in every regard and helps to minimize your chances of losing and ensures that you make maximum profit. Thus, we have curated a list of online sports betting tips.

1. Think Smartly

If you want to win like a pro, you must also think like a pro. One small mistake and you can lose all your hard-earned cash, in a jiffy! Therefore, instead of betting on a team just because you support them, think smartly and consider every aspect of the sport

2. Wrap Your Head around the Concept of Value

One of the most paramount tip that every better must know is to spot odds that are too high, consistently and systematically. If you don`t have this, you can walk away.

3. Understand Basic Mathematics

Because betting is all about numbers, statistics, facts and making accurate predictions- spot on. While plenty of people would suggest you to go with your instinct, it wouldn`t help you in the long term.

4. Spot the Opportunities With Odds

Understanding how the bookmakers make the odds will give you an opportunity, where the general public`s opinion is just plain wrong. The business model of bookmakers is base on low margins and high volumes.


Asia Cup Betting

Asia Cup is Men's ODI Tournament held among the asian Countries. In this tournament top 6 Asian team will participate. This year Asia Cup is divided in two group teams and 2-2 teams will reach in the super 4 and then they all are play single single match with each other. Place Free Bet During Asia Cup Betting and Win lots of Amazing prizes.

BPL Betting

Bangladesh Premier League is Professional T20 Cricket League and powered by Shah Cement. BPL is One of the Most Popular Cricket League in Bangladesh in that league also Participate world's Top Players having 7 Teams. that will make BPL Fun Double you can Bet on Bangladesh Premier League Matches Daily and Win Lots of Amazing prizes During the BPL Matches. In India BPL Betting Become Quite popular on Prokhel. 


Why Prokhel

Prokhel is Free Sports Betting site and its No.1 Cricket Bookies you can Place Free Bet On your Favourite Team and Win Coins According To Current Rate its Totally Free. Create Free Account at Start Betting Cricket Online

How to Win Prizes

Winning Prizes At Prokhel is Very simple You Need to Earn Diamonds by Placing Free bets on sport events like Cricket, Kabaddi , Football, Tennis etc and Win Rewards & Prizes

How To Create Free Account

Create a Account– Click on Signup and register.
As soon as you register you will receive 10,000 BetCoins and 200 Diamonds as Welcome Bonus.
You can also Win a lot of Coins by
  • Refer a friend - 5000 Coins & 350 Diamonds
  • Updating your KYC - 1000 Coins & 50 Diamonds
  • Email Verification Bonus - 1000 Coins & 50 Diamonds
  • Daily Login Bonus - 3000 Coins & 150 Diamonds
  • Continuous 3 hour Login Bonus - 2000 Coins & 5 Diamonds


How to Collect Diamonds

It’s Very Easy to collect Diamonds. Just Place Free Bet on sport events like CricketKabaddi , FootballTennis etc and Earn Diamonds. For every 100 Betcoins you use to place a Bet, you earn 1 Diamond. (no matter if you win or lose the bet)

Click here to know more.

How to Redeem vouchers and Gift Cards

Its Very Simple Redeem vouchers and Gift Cards in the Prizes section. Collect as many diamonds as you can and use the diamonds to redeem the Vouchers and Gift Cards. 

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