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Best Online Football betting Sites in India 2020


In the year 2019, it was estimated that there are over 3 billion Football fans across the world. Football is without a doubt the most viewed and the most popular sport in the world.

Having said that, the sport attracts a huge number of people to start betting on Football from all across the world as well.

As Indians we love to test our knowledge and bet on sports, and the Football betting sites realized this and introduced the Indian Super League and I-League in their betting markets.


What is the Best Football Betting site for Indians?

The Best Football Betting Site for Indians is 10CRIC. The main reason for this is that they have designed their site and betting markets keeping in mind the interests of Indian bettors and punters.

10CRIC is one of the best sites as they accept easy deposits and withdrawals in INR. (making it very easy for the Indians to start betting online)


What are the most popular Football Betting Leagues?

Football is a sport that is being played for centuries and is not restricted to only one geographical location in the world. It is one of the most popular sports of the world.

Some of the most popular Football Leagues to bet on are:

  1. EPL (English Premier League)
  2. La Liga
  3. Serie A
  4. Bundesliga
  5. Ligue 1

Most Popular Indian Football Leagues

  1. Indian Super League (ISL)
  2. I-League


Betting on football breaks all records every year when the Football World Cup is taking place.


Football Betting Odds

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There are huge number of websites out there offering different Football Betting Odds.

Al though there isn’t a huge variation due to the high competition among them, still it can be very advantageous for us to compare the Football Betting odds offered and bet on the site with the highest odds.



What are the Different types of Football Bets and Football Betting Odds?

  1. Match Winner – Here you can place a bet on the team that you would think is going to win the match. The underdogs will have a higher return and the favourites will have a less return comparatively.
  2. Total Number of Goals – In this Betting market you can place a bet on “How many goals are going to be scored in total” by both the teams combined during the duration of 90min.
  3. Exact score – This is one of the most exciting Betting markets that the bettors and the punters love to bet on. Predicting what will the exact score of the match be at the full time whistle.
  4. Best Goal scorer – In this market you can bet on who is going to be the player to score the maximum number of goals among both the teams.
  5. Both teams to score – There are times I a football match where there is only one team that scores and the other doesn’t. And in this betting market you can place a bet on whether you think that both the playing teams are gaining to score a goal or not.


Football being one of the most exciting sport, there are several Betting Markets that you can bet on. Different sites have slight variations on the Football Betting odds depending upon the progress of the game.

The above mentioned are the most common Football Betting odds and Markets you can place bet on. Visit 10CRIC If you want to go through all the betting markets available ion a live match with the Best Football Betting Odds.


How to choose the Best Football Betting site in India?

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  1. Make sure the online site accepts Indian Rupees for deposit and withdrawal
  2. The registration and sign up process is easy and hassle free
  3. Comparing the welcome offers and bonuses offered by different football betting sites.
  4. Does the betting website offer live football broadcasting?
  5. Different types of betting odds and betting markets offered by the site.
  6. How competitive are their betting odds compared to other betting sites?
  7. Make sure that the website is offering Live betting on Football
  8. Comparing the commission fees charged by the bookmakers
  9. Does the website offer mobile betting, or do they have a Mobile app?
  10. Do go through the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the site
  11. Also make sure that the site is secured with SSL certificate. (https://)
  12. Do they have a 24/7 customer support?


How to start Online Football Betting in India?

Before you start betting on Football you should make sure that you are familiar with the rules and regulations of the sport and over that:

  1. You need to have a good understanding of different types of Football Betting Odds.
  2. Having a good knowledge about the different types of betting markets in a Football match is key

Once you are done there and made up your mind that you want to get in to online Football Betting, do go through the points we have mentioned below:

  1. Look for a safe and reputed Kabaddi Betting Website.
  2. Register and Sign up to create and account.
  3. Enter your personal Details.
  4. Continue with the verification process.
  5. Transfer funds and make a deposit
  6. And you are done. Happy Betting.

Best Football Betting Tips and Predictions

The craze of Football betting is increasing every year, and there is no stopping people from starting to bet on football matches. But the most important think that the people worry about is : “Where can I find the Best Football Betting Tips and Predictions?”
We here at Prokhel bring to the best and over that Free Betting Tips for all the posrts that you are interested in. 

Why should you believe in our Free Football Betting Tips and Predictions?

We have an experienced team of bettors that have been betting for over 10 years now. Below we will tell you what are the factors that we keep in mind before making out Match Predictions and sharing the betting tips with our users.

Football Betting Tips for Beginners

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We have mentioned this a number of times that Football Betting is not dependent on any one or two factors. There are various factors that affect an outcome of a match.
Our experienced Betting team can also make some predictions even before the start of the match. Here are a few factors that we would like to share with you.
  • Venue (Home/Away Teams)

The live crowd plays a very important role in any sport. Having said that the home team always has an advantage over the away team in a football match. So it is very easy to say that the home team already has a little edge over the away team.
  • Weather Conditions

The most popular Football Leagues all across the world like – English Premier League, La Liga etc are played during the winters. This is a huge factor that can affect an outcome of the game. 
  • New Transfers (In/Out)

The Venue and the weather conditions play an important role but not as much the latest additions in the game. The main problem the team faces when there are a lot of changes or new transfers in the team is the - Team chemistry.
The players find it a little challenging to accept new players in and the loss of the players that have been transferred to another team.  
These were a few important Football Betting tips for beginners.

Advanced Football Betting Tips

  • Team Performances 

Go through the past record and current form of the both the teams is very important before you chose who to bet on.
When we say the past performances, we are not only trying to mention the last 5 games or so but also how have the teams performed against one another in the past
Also, a deep analysis of how the teams have performed under pressure is very important. 
  • Players in the squad

You might notice that your favourite team’s best players are injured or haven’t been performing very well recently. This is very common as football is such a competitive sport.
Keeping your emotions aside it would be recommended that you don’t bet in your favourite team if this is the scenario.
  • Advanced Football Betting Odds

If you are hardcore football fan, you would be going through detailed reports of matches and the statistics.
Some of the Football Betting sites offer Betting odds on markets like “1st half Corners / 2nd half corners”.
We recommend you only bet on such markets if you have studied the previous match facts, performances and statistics very thoroughly.


Frequently asked Questions on Football Betting

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  • What is football betting?

Football betting is an art, it is the process in which a bettor or punter wagers money on an outcome a match. You can place bets on – Match Winners, Number of goals, Best Goal scorer to name a few.


  • How do I get started with football betting?

We at Prokhel have compiled all the points above to make sure that you have the best Online Football betting experience. Please go through all the points before you jump into the world of Football betting.


  • What are the things I should consider before choosing a Football betting site?

Choosing a Football betting website can be a little tricky as there are tons of sites offering Football Betting odds. But this question of yours should have been answered if you have read all the points that we mentioned above.


  • Can I earn money with online Football betting?

Yes, you can earn a lot of money with online football betting. But, wait. 90% of the bettor and punters don’t really win and lose a lot of money on betting.

You need to be very dedicated and should strictly follow all aspects of the game of you want to have good returns. Things like team performances, team morale, form of the team, injured players, weather conditions should be some of the things you should consider.


  • What is Live Football Betting?

Live betting is one of the latest technologies in the betting industries which has made Online Betting on Football very interesting. It keeps is totally engrossed in the game and also pushes us to read and analyse the betting strategies in detail.

It is a feature in which the Football batting odds keep changing every minute depending upon the progress of  live football match.


  • What is Mobile Football Betting?

When was the last time you opened your laptop or PC to browse something on the web? Nowadays more than 80% of the users use their mobile browsers or apps for the user-friendly nature of the technology,

Most of the reputed betting websites are now coming up with mobile versions of their websites or developing apps to give the Bettors and punters a user friendly experience.

It also gives you an advantage of placing bets online while you are on the move.  

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