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Kabaddi Betting

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If we spoke about Kabaddi as a sport to bet money on a few years back, no one would have even been interested.

But its exponential growth in the past 5-7 years after the introduction of Pro Kabaddi League in the year 2014, it has made it one of the most followed sport in India.

Kabaddi has been growing very rapidly in the Indian Sub-continent in the past few years. It originated almost 3000 years ago and is now one of the most followed contact sports.

Al though Kabaddi is a national sport of Bangladesh, but now it is being watched across the globe with a maximum viewership from India.

The Best Indian Betting websites couldn’t let this opportunity slip away and jumped in immediately to cater the Indian Bettors and Punters. The Online Betting Sites have started offering Kabaddi Betting Odds.


Table of Contents

  1. Kabaddi Betting Odds
  • What are the types of Best Kabaddi Betting Odds?
  1. Online Kabaddi Betting in India
  • How to start Online Kabaddi Betting in India?
  • How do we choose the Best Kabaddi Betting Site in India?
  1. Kabaddi Betting Websites with Popular tournaments
  2. Kabaddi Live Betting and Streaming
  3. FAQ
  4. Conclusion


Kabaddi Betting Odds

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With the competition among the bookmakers being cutthroat, there are websites that offer goof betting odds and there are some that don’t. And obviously we wouldn’t want to start betting on platform with bad betting odds.

So, said that Kabaddi is one of the fastest growing sport in India and the sub-continent, there aren’t a lot of different type of Kabaddi Betting Odds that you can bet on. But don’t be disheartened, there are many Kabaddi Betting websites that will let you bet on various betting odds and markets other than the match winners.

What are the types of Best Kabaddi Betting Odds?

  • Match Winner
  • Tournament Outright Winner
  • Total Score
  • 1st Half Score
  • 2nd Half Score
  • Top Raider
  • Top Tackler


We at Prokhel have reviewed all the Bookmakers that offer the Best Kabaddi Betting Odds and have come to the conclusion that 10CRIC is the best.

As we mentioned earlier, Kabaddi is a 3000-year-old sport but only started gaining popularity after the Pro Kabaddi League was introduced by the Indian Kabaddi Federation in 2014.

The league kicked off their inaugural season with 8 teams. By the year 2017 as the Pro Kabaddi League had gained viewership and popularity a few more teams were introduced. This was one of the main reasons why Pro Kabaddi Betting became even popular.

We are very optimistic that we would see a lot more Kabaddi Betting Websites with a huge number of different Kabaddi Betting Odds and markets to bet on in the coming future.


Online Kabaddi Betting in India

IPL Betting

Ok, so we are not going to compare Kabaddi with Cricket, Football or Tennis just yet. But the day isn’t far when all of us Indians are going to have a third biggest religion after Cricket and Bollywod i.e. Kabaddi,

There are a number of Kabaddi Betting websites in the betting industry, and a lot more are coming up. Most of the experienced bettors and punters like to bet on the outright winners and the match winners.

But our best Kabaddi betting Tip for you would be that you should start slow and follow the game very carefully, understanding and analysing every aspect of the game and then start betting big on Kabaddi Betting odds like Outrights and Match winners


How to start Online Kabaddi Betting?

  • Look for a safe and reputed Kabaddi Betting Website.
  • Register and Sign up to create and account.
  • Enter your personal Details.
  • Continue with the verification process.
  • Transfer funds and make a deposit
  • And you are done. Happy Betting.


Our No.1 Choice for Kabaddi Betting for our Indian Players is without a doubt, one and only 10CRIC.

10CRIC has become the Best Betting website for the Indian market offering 100% bonus UPTO Rs.7500/-. It has recently gained popularity among the Indian bettors and punters for all others Online sports betting as well. It offers bets for all the popular Kabaddi events like :

  • VIVO Pro Kabaddi League
  • Kabaddi World Cup
  • Super Kabaddi League
  • Asian Games


Let us tell you a little more about 10CRIC.

Bonuses and Promotion

Other than the Welcome Bonus of Rs.7500, 10CRIC also offers Rs.750 Live bets for Free.

They have additional rewards like 5 Free Bets a week if you refer this website to friend.

If your friend registers and makes a minimum deposit, you are eligible for the above offer as well.


Easy Deposit and Withdrawal

10CRIC allows several payment options for the Indian bettors and punters. Here are a list of few:

  • EcoPayz
  • Local Bank Transfer
  • Skrill
  • EntroPay
  • Credit Card or Debit Card such as Maestro, Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron
  • Neteller


Click here to Claim your Bonus of Rs.7500/- on 10CRIC

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You would surely be wondering on what are the criteria on which we judge and review the best Kabaddi Betting Website.

Because it can be very interesting to start betting but if the experience is not entertaining and the odds are not the best in the market, it can surely go the other way.

Even though the competition in Kabaddi Betting might not be as high as when Betting on Cricket, Football or tennis (obviously due to lack of awareness), still you should go through the list of points we have created for you chose the Best Kabaddi betting Website and Odds.


How do we choose the Best Kabaddi Betting Site?

  • Make sure to go through the terms and conditions of the website
  • Trust and reliability across all platforms
  • Is the website secure with a SSL certificate?
  • What are the Different types of Kabaddi Betting Odds?
  • What different types of banking offer does the website offer?
  • What options does the site offer other than Kabaddi Betting
  • What are the different types of Bonuses and promotions offered by the website?
  • Does the website have a 24/7 customer support?
  • Is the site easy to navigate and user friendly?
  • Does the Betting Website have a mobile version or a Kabaddi Betting App?
  • How competitive are the Kabaddi betting odds as compared to other Kabaddi Betting websites?


Best Kabaddi Betting Websites with Popular tournaments

Surely Pro Kabaddi League is the most popular Kabaddi League. And most of the punters don’t miss a chance to bet on the Pro Kabaddi League. But for some of us who don’t want to stop there, 10CRIC allows you to start betting on poplar Kabaddi tournaments like Kabaddi World Cup, Asian Games and the Super Kabaddi League.

VIVO Pro Kabaddi League 2020 Betting

Following the footsteps of the success of the Indian Premier League, the Pro Kabaddi league has done wonders all across India. It is one of the most watched contact sporting event all across Asia. You will find the best Pro Kabaddi Betting Odds on 10CRIC.

Kabaddi World Cup Betting

Kabaddi World Cup is the most popular international Kabaddi tournament.  It was founded in the year 2004, and its held every 4 years. India winning all the 4 Kabaddi World Cups (2004-2008-2012-2016) is also one the reason of the growth in viewership and popularity of the sport all across the country.

Asia Games Betting

Kabaddi was included in the Asia Games very recently i.e. 1990. Again India had been winning the gold medal till the year 2014. Iran was the first country to win the gold in the Asia games for Kabaddi after India.

Super Kabaddi League Betting

Introduced in the year 2018 by the Pakistan Federation of Kabaddi, Super Kabaddi Betting League is also gaining a lot of popularity very fast. We have very high expectations from this league.


Kabaddi Live Betting and Streaming

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Live betting is one of the most advanced features in the Online Betting industry and unfortunately not a lot of Online betting websites in India are offering it.

This should be one of the factors that you should be looking for the Best Kabaddi Betting Website.  This feature allows you to place bets on matches live while they are going on.

Obviously this can be a little tricky as the Kabaddi Betting odds keep fluctuating very quickly during the live match as the game progresses. It is highly recommended for the bettors and punters to be very alert and vigilant while betting live on a Kabaddi Match.

Coming to Live streaming of the kabaddi match, you might find it almost impossible to find a bookmaker with Live streaming.

Why Don’t Kabaddi Betting Websites Offer Live Kabaddi Streaming?

Currently the laws are such that it makes it very hard to find a bookmaker that offers Kabaddi streaming as well.

The reason behind this is just that the companies that have the rights to broadcast Live Kabaddi matches don’t want to  sell their right to a third party or legally bound not to.


Frequntly Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • 🧿 What is Kabaddi?

    Kabaddi is a contact sport that originated about 3000 years ago. It is the national sport of Bangladesh. Played between two teams with 7 players a side. The main aim of a Kabaddi match is to make sure that a team player can enter the other team's half, tag an opponent and reach back their own half. And over that, all this must be done in a single breath.

  • 🧿 What's the most popular Kabaddi event?

    Pro Kabaddi is the most popular Kabaddi event.

  • 🧿 Is online Kabaddi betting legal?

    Yes, Online Kabaddi betting is safe if you choose the best Kabaddi Betting site as per our above recommendations .

  • 🧿 Can I bet on Pro Kabaddi Live?

    Yes, there are a number of bookmakers that offer Live betting on Pro Kabaddi, unfortunately most of them are not allowed to broadcast the most popular events like Pro Kabaddi League due to legal rights issues.

  • 🧿 Can I bet on kabaddi with Indian rupees?

    Yes. Even though most of the Kabaddi Betting Apps and Websites are located in the Europe and other foreign countries, there are websites like  10CRIC  that allow you to start betting on Pro Kabaddi with Indian rupees.

  • 🧿 What are the different types of Kabaddi betting Odds?

    Most popular and highly played Kabaddi Betting odds are - Match Winner, Outright Winners, Top Raiders and Top Tacklers.

  • 🧿 Is there a kabaddi betting app?

    10CRIC  has a Betting app where you can bet on Upcoming and Live Kabaddi matches. It is available for both iOs and Android. They also have a mobile version of the website that is very user friendly.

  • 🧿 What is the best site for betting on kabaddi or the best Kabaddi betting app?

    We have listed the best Kabaddi betting apps and sites for betting on kabaddi above and also have listed the factors that we judge them on.

  • 🧿 Can I get a bonus for kabaddi betting?

    Yes, most of the Kabaddi betting apps websites offer a welcome bonus, Free Live bets and many more. 10CRIC  offers a welcome bonus of 100% upto Rs.7500/- and also offers Rs.750 in Free live bets.



  1. We would like wrap it up by saying that Pro Kabaddi Betting is going to become very popular among the bettors and punters of all across the world.
  2. 10CRIC is the best Kabaddi Betting Website that offers the best Kabaddi Betting Odds

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