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Which are the Best Esports Betting Sites in India 2020


Esports – short for Electronic Sports. Counter Strike, League of Legends, Fortnite, Dota… You surely must be a fan of one of them that you have landed on this page.

Esports is a video game sport competition platform. It is played among professional video game plyers, tams or individuals all across the world. Between 2018 and 2019 the esport industry observed a 21% increase in viewership.

21% increase in viewership – can you beat that. Without a doubt it is the most fastest growing sport all around the world. And when the sport is growing so fast the bookmakers – Best Esports betting sites cant miss an opportunity to offer Best Esports Betting Odds for the bettors and punters of the industry.


Is online Esports betting legal in India?

Let us just address the elephant in the room. The first doubt that would arise in a punters mind would be that “Is Online Esports betting Legal?”

And we are here to tell you that YES, it is absolutely legal. (Except in Maharashtra) Let us tell you how and why?

The betting and gambling laws in India are governed by different state governments. The laws in India state that betting and gambling is illegal in India, but there is no mention of Online Betting in any law.

And having said that, there is no law about Esports on the whole in the Indian Legal system.

So no one can actually get prosecuted for the betting online on Esports or for that matter any sports. Maharashtra is the only state in India that has a law which states that “All online betting activities are illegal”.

But this does not effect the citizens of India living in any other state.


Esports Betting Online India

Betting on Esports has been growing just as much as the industry of esport itself. It can be easily said that it started with friends challenging each other on an online game and strangers being ready to risk money to show off their online gaming skills.

Having said that the Esport betting industry has grown to a level where 100 Millions of dollars are being wagered every year from every corner of the world.

Here we bring to you everything you need to know about Esport Betting, Esport Betting Odds and the Best Esport Betting sites in India.


What are the types of Best Esports Betting Odds?

Here are list of Best Esports betting odds and markets offered by various betting sites

  1. Outright Winners – These are the bets in which the punters bet on the winner of the tournament. This is without a doubt the most preferred betting market by all punters and bettors.
  2. Score of the match – In this betting market the punter needs to predict what will be the final score of the match.
  3. Match Winner – Unlike the outright bet, this is the market where punters need t0 predict the winner of the current match. (not the whole tournament)
  4. Map wise winner – An esport match is usually played across different maps and virtual locations. In this market the punter needs to bet on who is going to be the winner of Map No.1, Map No. 2 and so on.
  5. Over/Under Bets – In this the punter needs to predict if an out come of an event will be Over or under the given value. For e.g. No. of kills.  

Ok, so let me first point out the main difference between while we are betting on esports and while we are betting on all other sports. An esports betting odds can fluctuate very drastically during a live esport match.

The outcome of an esport match is very unpredictable as a lot can change with just a single click of a mouse – be it the right click or the wrong one. You can’t even blink, the game changes that fast and quick.

Having said that, it is always advantageous to look for a site which offers the best esports betting odds. Obviously, we would like to bet on a site that offers us higher betting odds which means higher returns. And according to us 10CRIC is the best at that.


How to start Online Esports Betting in India?

  • Look for a safe and reputed Esports Betting Website.
  • Register and Sign up to create and account.
  • Enter your personal Details.
  • Continue with the verification process.
  • Transfer funds and make a deposit
  • And you are done. Happy Betting.

Our No.1 Choice for Esports Betting for our Indian Players is without a doubt, one and only 10CRIC.

10CRIC has become the Best Betting website for the Indian market offering 100% bonus UPTO Rs.7500/-. It has recently gained popularity among the Indian bettors and punters for all others Online sports betting as well.


Esport Betting Bonuses and Promotion

Other than the Welcome Bonus of Rs.7500, 10CRIC also offers Rs.750 Live bets for Free.

They have additional rewards like 5 Free Bets a week if you refer this website to friend.

If your friend registers and makes a minimum deposit, you are eligible for the above offer as well.


Easy Deposit and Withdrawal

10CRIC allows several payment options for the Indian bettors and punters. Here are a list of few:

  • EcoPayz
  • Local Bank Transfer
  • Skrill
  • EntroPay
  • Credit Card or Debit Card such as Maestro, Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron
  • Neteller

Click here to Claim your Bonus of Rs.7500/- on 10CRIC


How do we choose the Best Esports Betting Site in India?

  • Make sure to go through the terms and conditions of the website
  • Trust and reliability across all platforms
  • Is the website secure with a SSL certificate?
  • What are the Different types of Esports Betting Odds?
  • What different types of banking offer does the website offer?
  • What options does the site offer other than Esports Betting
  • What are the different types of Bonuses and promotions offered by the website?
  • Does the website have a 24/7 customer support?
  • Is the site easy to navigate and user friendly?
  • Does the Betting Website have a mobile version or a Esports Betting App?
  • How competitive are the Esports betting odds as compared to other Esports Betting websites?


What are the Best Esports Betting Tips for Beginners?

Here is a list of 10 Esports betting tips that we would like to share:

  1. Know the games that you are betting on like – CS, Dota 2, Fortnite etc
  2. Have a good knowledge about the teams that are participating in a match.
  3. Study the team’s past performances and form.
  4. You need to be very familiar with the maps used in the match.
  5. Keep in mind that you don’t need to bet on all matches and markets – be selective.
  6. Constantly looking for an opportunity to value bet.
  7. Keep looking across a number Esports betting websites for the Best odds.
  8. Always bet on the Best esport Betting websites.
  9. Never get carried away and always have a fixed budget.
  10. And always be patient, patience is key.


What are the most popular games and tournament for Esports Betting

  1. League of Legends
  2. Dota 2
  3. CS:GO
  4. FIFA
  5. Hearthstone
  6. Overwatch
  7. Starcraft 2
  8. Smite 2
  9. Vain Glory
  10. Call of Duty
  11. Halo
  12. Cross Fire
  13. Clash Royale
  14. World of Tanks
  15. Rainbow Six
  16. NBA 2K19



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